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Hello, my name is Can Aydin. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I am half turkish, half American. I was born on 13th November 1993. I've started school in Istanbul until 4th Grade. At that point, with my dad's job, we had moved to Dubai, UAE. I've continued school from 5th grade in Dubai. I've done my school life in Dubai and studied Games Programming as a "university" course. I’ve moved back to Istanbul after finishing the course. My hobbies are playing basketball, hanging out with friends, playing games,and livestreaming on Twitch.

I have been working with Unity3D and C# since I started it in university course in Dubai. I have made several projects for school work which were all pc projects. After university, I have focused more on mobile. I worked for 4 months in Mayadem, helping them with a game app project. After that I have worked on my own, always trying to renew my skills and learn new ones. In January, I have put my first game on Google Play Store. The game is in turkish and its objective is to test your soccer history knowledge.


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